Wednesday Whimsy ~ Existential Kitty

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wonder about everything in life? Nothing makes sense. You just want to stay in your jammies and pretend the world doesn’t exist.

So has this little guy.

Maybe the French adds to the atmosphere… Enjoy. :)

18 thoughts on “Wednesday Whimsy ~ Existential Kitty

  1. susielindau

    This video is hilarious. I made my first vlog and posted it today! I haven’t figured out how to do the voice over. That is what makes this video!

    1. Tameri Etherton

      Whooohooo! Your first vlog, that’s awesome. I can’t wait to see it! Henri makes me laugh every time I see him. His looks are just priceless. As soon as you figure out voiceovers, you’re golden.

  2. Amber West

    I love Henri. I posted him on my ROW80 post. He is tooo funny.

    He is the inspiration for the soon-to-be new member(s) of our little family.

    1. Tameri Etherton

      You need to film her! Oooh, what would her voice sound like? Not like those cats in Aristocats, something else… Sometimes I really wish my dogs could tell me exactly what they’re thinking and other times I’m glad they can’t.

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