Aelinae ~ Glossary

Song of the Swords Glossary of Terms
Italicized words are Eleri

Aelan (Ay-lan) ~ Any person born of Aelinaen descent. These are usually men and women descended from the Elder Gods: Nadra, Ohlin, Daknys, Rykoto, and Kaldaar. In modern times, Aelan refers to those not of another race.

Aelinae (Ay-lynn-ay) ~ A world created by Nadra and Ohlin. It is disk-shaped with waterfalls at the edge of the world, and volcanoes beneath it.

Aelinaen(s) (Ay-lynn-ee-an) ~ Of or having to do with Aelan culture.

Aergan (Air-gahn) ~ An ancient, valuable ore found in only a few places on Aelinae.

Air Faerie ~ Winged Faeries who call on the elements of air for power. Usually diminutive beings no more than six inches tall.

Anklam (Ahnk-lahm) ~ A city on the coast, south of Talaith.

Artagh (R-tah-g) ~ Related to the Eleri, Artaghs lack the Eleri Glamour, as well as the sophistication of the ancient race. They are rumored to be the best at making weapons and working with metals, especially the fabled Godsteel found only in the Haversham Mountains. Outsiders are often distrusted and it's rare to find Artaghs far from their caves.

Black Arts ~ A twisted version of ShantiMari that binds one’s soul forever to the banished god, Kaldaar. Practitioners can be either male or female, but females become barren once they invoke the Oath of Fealty. Because of this, they are viewed as Brothers alongside the men.

Black Brotherhood ~ The oldest, most secret religion in Aelinae's history. Much of the Brotherhood is unknown to any except those who are counted among the members. Once a practitioner is invited to join the Brotherhood, they are challenged to a series of tests, many of which require virginal sacrifices. See also Vessel. Membership is often passed from one family member to another, but the terms must be satisfied before being accepted. Those who do not satisfy the requirements, or are not deemed worthy are destroyed.

Black Shanti and Black ShantiMari ~ See also Black Arts. This form of ShantiMari uses chaos to fuel its power. External and internal sources give practitioners their strength. They pull their power from the world around them, or the inner conflict people try to conceal. The use of Black ShantiMari is shunned by the Light and Dark, but there are those who have found a way to manipulate the strands of light and shadow into a woven tapestry of devastation that cannot be traced. These are Masters that even the Black Brotherhood fear.

Caer Idris (Care Ee-dris) ~ The ancestral home of The Overlord of the West. Currently, Valterys, Lord of Darkness sits on the Obsidian Throne.

Carlix ~ A sleek, winged feline who makes her home in the mountains known as the Spine of Ohlin. One of the first creatures to inhabit the planet of Aelinae. Often referred to for their flexibility and quick responses, the number of people who have actually seen a carlix is few.

Cockleberry ~ A yellowish fruit that grows in glens and meadows throughout Aelinae. With a taste similar to blackberries, cockleberries are often used in pies and tasty treats.

Crystal Court ~ The accepted nickname for the court of the Empress of Talaith.

Crystal Palace ~ The accepted nickname for the palace in Talaith where the Empress rules. It's fabled walls are made from a thin layer of rock clear enough to see through, yet unable to be penetrated by weapons or ShantiMari. No one knows who built the great palace, or where the stone came from.

Cynfar (Sin-far) ~ The Eleri name for a talisman given to someone. Usually a pendant, it can also be a bracelet, earrings, or even a small stone. It must be kept close to the recipient for maximum benefit, hence the use of jewelry.

Dal Ferran (Dahl Fair-en) ~ The fiery pits of hell beneath Aelinae's surface.

Dal Tara (Dahl Tar-a) ~ A celestial resting place for the Gods and those they deem worthy. It is located in the second quadrant of the Meirdia Nebula.

Danuri ~ A Province located in the West. The second largest city to Caer Idris, Danuri is widely known for their wine and ale making skills.

Danurian ~ Anyone of Danuri descent.

Darennsai (Dar-en-sigh) ~ An ancient title given to Taryn by the Eleri. Most don't know the true meaning of the word, thinking of it as nothing more than an honorific bestowed upon her by the Goddess Verdaine. Only a few know the word means, Daughter of the Sky. Less an oath than a promise that one day Taryn will sit at the side of Verdaine, as a goddess in her own right. The Eleri reject this idea.

Dark ~ The part of ShantiMari that is derived from the sun. Only men are skilled in the ways of the Dark, except for the anomaly. To have Dark powers does not automatically make one bad, or evil. There are many men who use their Dark Shanti for good.

Dark Master ~ A highly skilled practitioner of Dark ShantiMari.

Dark Shanti ~ The male side of ShantiMari.

Darathi Vorsi (Dah-rahth-ee Vor-see) ~ Aside from the carlix, darathi vorsi are the oldest creatures on Aelinae. Several thousand seasons ago they disappeared from the planet, but the Eleri hold the belief that one day they will return.

Delante (Day-lan-t) ~ A dance performed with a group of people.

Dreem ~ A whisky-like drink that ladies don't usually partake of.

Drerfox ~ Cousin to the fox, a drerfox is bigger, with fangs coated with poison. Their coats shimmer in the sunlight, blending them into the background, making them difficult to see during the day.

The East ~ A geographical location on the map indicating all lands, properties, kingdoms, etc east of the Spine of Ohlin. Includes the Narthvier, Ulla, Talaith, and the marshes near Kaldaar’s Stones.

Eirielle (Air-ee-elle) ~ The one of prophecy. Said to be the destroyer or the savior of Aelinae, depending on which prophecy you read. Only one Eirielle is ever said to be created, but that doesn't stop those of the Light and Dark from trying to make one. The Eirielle is rumored to possess all the strands of ShantiMari: Light, Dark, Eleri, and Black. Although, the last is only known to the Brotherhood.

Eiriellean Prophecy ~ A collection of prophecies that record various oracles’ visions and ramblings about the Eirielle. Throughout history, there have been those that decried the prophecies, and those that touted them as truth. Nearly everyone fears either version coming to pass.

Elennish (Elle-enn-ish) ~ The oldest language on Aelinae still spoken in the East and West. (Ee-ler-ee) ~ A mysterious clan of elf-like men and women who live in the Narthvier. They stay within the borders of their forest and don't like outsiders coming on their land. The Eleri share a collective conscious, in that they can call on the wisdom of past and future Eleri in times of duress. The oldest race on Aelinae, they and the darathi vorsi share a common bond. Thought to be caretakers of the beasts, when the darathi vorsi disappeared, it was a time of great mourning for the Eleri.

Fadair (Fah-d-air) ~ The name Eleri have given to anyone not Eleri. It is meant to be used as a way to signify someone not of Eleri descent, but often it is used as a disparaging slur against non-Eleri.

Faerie Cakes ~ Small cakes light in texture, but filling. Made with sponge cake and jam, these are Taryn's favorite. Don't ever leave a plate sitting around or she'll eat them all.

Feiche (Fee-ch) ~ A large black bird similar to a raven, but faster and a bit bigger. They hunt in packs and are capable of taking down a small horse if so inclined.

Gaarendahl (Gare-en-doll) ~ An older castle located between the Spine of Ohlin and the Summer Sea. It belongs to Valterys's family, but Zakael uses it most often.

Geigan (Guy-gan) ~ A warrior race of people. Dark in coloring, they are rumored to be the source of mating with the Sitari.

Glamour ~ A slight shimmering beneath the skin. Found only on Eleri.

Godsteel ~ A metal forged by the Artagh of Haversham. Stronger than any other metal, godsteel is unbreakable. Long ago, only the gods could wield weapons made of godsteel (hence, the name), but at least two swords have made their way into mortal’s hands. Rhoane’s and Taryn’s. But there are rumors that a few other swords have been tainted by Black ShantiMari. Their owners are unknown at this time.

Grierbas (Greer-bah) ~ A large, wolf-like animal that makes its home in the Narthvier. Wild and territorial, grierbas keep away from civilizations, even avoiding the Eleri.

Grhom (Gr-om) ~ A spiced drink made by the Eleri. It has healing properties and gives strength through the many ingredients used to make it. Taryn likens the taste to a thick chocolate mixed with chai. Occasionally, the Eleri will add alcohol to the drink.

Gyota (Gee-o-tah) ~ In Eleri, gyota means ‘destroyer’.
Harvest ~ The months during the season between Summer and Wintertide. On Earth, this time is referred to as Fall.

Haversham ~ A mountainous region where Artagh mine for gems, minerals, and the necessary metals to make weapons. Highly guarded, outsiders are not welcome in Haversham.

Hildgelt (Hill-d-gel-t) ~ A Danurian ornamentation made from thin layers of blown glass.

House ~ The family name by which most Aelans associate themselves. Every House has their own color and insignia. It is by these outward displays members of nobility and the court can recognize another’s importance.

House Galendrin ~ Ohlin created this House for Taryn on her crowning day. This is the highest honor anyone could hope to achieve and has only been granted once.

Kiltern River ~ A river that runs north of Paderau to Ulla.

Lan Gyllarelle (Lahn Gill-a-rell) ~ A vast lake located in the Narthvier. Its waters are rumored to hold healing properties. The Eleri often hold ceremonies on the banks of the lake.

Lake Oster ~ Located between Talaith and Paderau, Lake Oster is often used as a stopping point for travelers. Fresh water and an abundance of fish refresh stores between the two great cities.

Levon (Le-von) ~ A sleek black bird. Faster than any other birds, the levon is a favorite form of transportation for those competent in transformation.

Light ~ A strain of ShantiMari found in females born on Aelinae. Not all women exhibit traits of the power, but are able to pass on Light ShantiMari to their daughters. Eleri females have Light ShantiMari, but their powers will differ from the Fadair’s in that they use nature as a catalyst and Fadair use the air and sky. The Lady of Light is able to manipulate weather and has slight control over the sea.

Light Celebrations ~ A week long event featuring competitions of physical prowess. The celebrations began as a way to offset the dreariness of Wintertide.

Light Throne ~ The ancestral court of The Lady of Light, otherwise known as the Empress of Talaith. Also referred to as the Crystal Court. The actual throne is made of ancient oak from the Narthvier. Woven into the planks of wood is a thin layer of crystal.

Mari (Mar-ee) ~ The female side of ShantiMari. Also referred to as Light.

Midvale ~ A small town located a days’ ride from Ravenwood.

Mind-Speak ~ A form of communication used between two people within their minds.

Mount Nadrene (Mount Nay-dreen) ~ The holiest place on Aelinae, Mount Nadrene is where Nadra sent Taryn through a portal to Earth. It is also a cavern filled with glittering crystals and a large lake. Some believe the cavern is the birthplace of all the gods and goddesses of Aelinae.

Nadra (Nah-d-rah) ~ The Mother Goddess, she and Ohlin created Aelinae.

Narthvier (Narth-veer) ~ A vast forest covering the northeast portion of Aelinae. The Eleri make their home in the Narthvier, or vier as some call it. The Eleri are protective of the forest and use veils to dissuade unwelcome visitors. Only the Eleri know how to raise the fabled veils.
Obsidian Throne ~ The ancestral home of the Lord of the Dark. The actual throne is made of the same oak planks as the Light Throne. Within the wood fibers is woven obsidian granite.
Offlander ~ Any person raised outside of the courtesies of court. The term is an insult of the highest order.

Ohlin (Oh-lynn) ~ The Great Father, he and Nadra created Aelinae.

Paderau (Pah-der-oo) ~ A vast city ruled by Duke Anje. Paderau sits between the Narthvier and Talaith, which makes it a busy port city for trading goods.

Paderau Palace ~ The home of Duke Anje and his family.

Privy Council ~ A body of advisers to the Empress of Talaith. The council is made up of senior members of the highest Houses. On occasion, as with Hayden and Duke Anje, a junior member can represent their House in council. Also included in the privy council are the High Priest, and captains of the guard or military.

Ravenwood ~ The less formal home of the Duke of Anje. When in residence, he oversees the local businesses.

Sargot (Sar-go) ~ An orange-like fruit that tastes similar to a mango.

Seal of Ardyn ~ Seals created by the Elder Gods to keep Rykoto imprisoned in the Temple of Ardyn.

Shanti (Shahn-tee) ~ The male side of ShantiMari. Also referred to as Dark.

ShantiMari (Shahn-tee Mar-ee) ~ Two halves of the same whole. ShantiMari is a power found in all things on Aelinae. Within men and women, it manifests itself in varying degrees from no visible signs, to extremely powerful. Those in positions of great power will have more ShantiMari than those born to the lesser clans or Houses. ShantiMari is often referred to as Light and Dark, or female and male. Within the confines of ShantiMari are rules, or etiquette. The power can be culled from the smallest pebble to the stars themselves. Wielding more power than one is capable of controlling often leads to a painful death.

Shadow Assassin ~ Neither alive nor dead, Shadow Assassins were the elite force of Kaldaar’s army. Only a powerful Master can create the demons.

Shadow Spawn, Shadow Soul ~ Nicknames given to the Shadow Assassin.

Sheanna (Shee-ahn-a) ~ An exiled Eleri. When an Eleri is sheanna, they are required to cut their hair and live outside the borders of the Narthvier until a certain amount of time has passed. Once they return to the Narthvier, they must complete the purification ceremony before they are considered to be Eleri once more.

Silden River ~ This river runs south from Paderau to Lake Oster.

Sitari (Sit-ar-ee) ~ Blue skinned warrior women who live in a community devoid of men. Their island sits at the southernmost edge of Aelinae. It is rumored their preferred mates are Geigan males. Sitari women can be found in other kingdoms of Aelinae, usually scouting for the strongest to procreate with. Once coupling has been achieved, the Sitari return to their island. Male offspring are said to be sacrificed to their goddess.

Skirm (Sk-ur-m) ~ A banana-like fruit. The leaves of the skirm tree are broad and often used in cooking roasted meats.

Smelting Day ~ An annual celebration of Artagh to honor their god. The fires of Haversham burn brightest on Smelting Day, but no actual forging is done. Instead, the Artagh participate in dances and rousing songs around the flames.

Spine of Ohlin ~ The range of mountains stretching from the Temple of Ardyn in the far north to the Summer Seas in the south.

Summerlands ~ An island kingdom located south of Talaith in the Summer Seas.

Summer Seas ~ The body of water covering the entire southern area of Aelinae.

Sword of Ohlin ~ Also known as Ynyd Eirathnacht. Ohlin had the sword made out of godsteel for his daughter, Daknys. The bearer of the sword must be pure of heart and worthy of the weapon.

Sylthan Age (Sil-than Age) ~ The fourth century of Aelinae’s time clock.

Talaith (Tal – eth) ~ The capital city of the East. Ruled by the empress, also known as The Lady of Light.

Temple of Ardyn (Ar-din) ~ Rykoto’s temple and source of power. He was imprisoned here by Daknys and the Elder Gods after his defeat in the Great War.

Treplar (Treh-p-lar) ~ Round apple-like, spiky fruits from the Summerlands.

Trin ~ A form of currency in the East.

Trisp ~ A thick alcoholic drink.

Ulla (Oo-la) ~ A kingdom located in the far East of Aelinae. The Ullans are a tribal people, following their herds throughout the season. Ullan horses are of the finest stock.

Verdaine ~ (Vehr-d-ane) Daughter of Nadra and Ohlin, goddess of the Eleri.

Verdaine’s Prophecy ~ When Rhoane was born, Verdaine prophesied that he would be exiled from his people until the gyota returned. His fate would be tied to the one who is and who is not for all time.

Veil ~ A mysterious barrier preventing outsiders from entering the Narthvier.

Vier ~ Nickname of the Narthvier.

Vorlock ~ A huge, lizard-like creature with heavy scales and a wide frill around its head. Vorlocks contain a poison that can kill a man or woman instantly.

Weirren (Weer-en) ~ The ancestral home of the Eleri King and Queen.

Weirren Court ~ The gathered nobility of the Eleri live among the many buildings interwoven through the ancient tree that makes up the Weirren.

Weirren Throne ~ Built into the oldest tree on Aelinae, the Weirren Throne is a living, breathing seat.

The West ~ Geographical area located to the west of Ohlin’s Spine. Includes the kingdom of the Overlord of the West, Danuri Province, and Haversham.

Western Seas ~ The body of water located off the Western Coast of Aelinae.

Woodland Faerie ~ Faerie folk who make their home in the forests Aelinae, most commonly found in the Narthvier. Woodland faeries grow to be around three feet in height, although some are taller. They are the exception. Woodland faeries share a special bond with nature and can cultivate new species of living plants or animals.

Ynyd Eirathnacht (Inid Air-ath-nack-t) ~ The name of Ohlin’s sword, currently in the possession of Taryn Rose Galendrin.