The Stones of Kaldaar

The Stones of Kaldaar

Series: Song of the Swords, Book 1
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Sword and Sorcery
Tags: Action and adventure, Dragons, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Sword and Sorcery
Publisher: Teacup Dragon Publishing
Publication Year: 2014
Length: Epic Fantasy
ISBN: 1941955002
A new world. A new man. An old family grudge. If they don’t kill her, a mad god might. Surviving on Aelinae just got real.
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About the Book

Never let gods determine your fate…

For thousands of seasons Aelinae has been a peaceful world, since the Great War that saw the banishment of the god Kaldaar, and the imprisonment of his brother.

But now Aelinae’s peace is threatened as an ancient prophecy predicting the return of the Eirielle, the one who is and who is not, blazes to life.

It’s up to Taryn, a woman raised on Earth, without any knowledge of her family, her power, or her role in Aelinae’s future, to learn the ways of this dangerous and magical new world before she loses everything she holds dear.

To do so, she must accept the help of Rhoane, a man who promises to protect her, but she’s not sure she can trust.

On Aelinae they say there can be no Light without Dark and no darkness without light. If Taryn fails, there will be only Blackness.

Absolute. Binding. Without end.

The Stones of Kaldaar is the beginning of an epic fantasy about honor, family, and Taryn’s fight for one man’s love—and their struggles to save Aelinae from the evil forces of an unseen enemy.

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