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Getting Crafty With It! Plus a Little 300 Spoof With Caketown.

We’re mixing it up here at A Cup of Tea And Sorcery. Instead of just a silly video, I thought I’d spotlight a few of my crafty friends and show you what they’ve been up to.

I’m always so impressed with handmade items. I mean, it takes some time and patience to create a one of a kind piece of art. I can craft – give me some glue and glitter and I’m dangerous! Every year I make my own Christmas Cards (if you want one, just send me your address – I LOVE sending cards!) and I’ve been known to whip up a project for my kids’ classroom spur of the moment.

That’s why when I saw Debra Kristi’s blog last week I fell in love. She has easy instructions to make a Wicked Wreath of Delight. You’ll notice Debra’s and mine are slightly different, that’s what is so great about crafting – you can personalize it. And really, a pink sparkly skeleton? Oh, yeah, that is so totally me! This is what mine looks like:

I told you my creativity runs toward the simple, right? Well, my friend Diana Laurence is all about simple elegance. She made a gorgeous necklace out of… wait for it… clay! Yep, you read that right. Clay, as in polymer. Not only did she make this fabulous necklace, she did it by just looking at someone else’s work and figuring it out. I love that!

This is the stunning finished product. For a how to, you can check out Diana’s blog here.

Make sure you snoop around her blog and see all the other fabulous things she’s made. Jewelry is only one of her obsessions!

Since it is close to Halloween, I thought I’d give you one last fun little project. My trainer Nicole showed me these adorable pumpkins she and her daughter made. They are about as easy as it gets and way cuter in person. All you do is cut out a mouth and insert fake vampire teeth and add pushpins for eyes. That’s it! For step-by-step instructions, visit MarthaStewart.com. She has great ideas for your Halloween fun.

Photo curtesy of MarthaStewart.com

Omg, they are too freakin’ adorable! That’s it for the crafty portion of today’s blog. Now, as promised, I’ve got a silly video for your Whimsy Wednesday giggle.

If you’ve seen 300, then you know it was a rather violent movie. Well, this creative dude remade the trailer for the under 13 crowd. Cracks me up. I hope you enjoy it, too!

Now that you’ve had your laugh, tell me what you like to create. Are you a crafter? Knitter? Do you like to bake or write poetry? I really want to know! Share with us your hidden (or not so hidden) talent. Don’t forget – brush your teeth!