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Pimp or Promote! It’s all about YOU today on the blog!

This is my gal pal Gayle on her horse Snoopy. They’re showing today at the Del Mar Fairgrounds and I’m playing hooky to go see them!

Hmmm, where are my cowboy boots and that pink cowboy hat with the tiara?

Since I’ll be gone today, why don’t you take this opportunity to Pimp or Promote either yourself or someone else!

That’s my homeboy Pimp Dawg.

Today is all about YOU!! In the comments, tell us what you’re working on ~ your book, your fabulous blog post for today or last week, your laundry, go ahead! Pimp yourself right here on my blog.

Want to share the love for someone else? That’s cool, too. Tell us about a friend’s blog, book, or laundry. It’s all good. Make sure we have links so we can all head on over to check out the fabulousness you’re promoting.

I’m still looking for more great writing music. You all had amazing songs last week, have you thought of any others?

By the way, if you’ve never checked out Gayle’s blog, she’s pretty darn funny. She has a few different blogs, one all about her horse Snoopy. Go ahead, give her some love!