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Gayle Carline’s Anniversary Gifts To YOU!

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary Gayle! She and her gorgeous husband Dale are celebrating today, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t invited to share the love.

For all of today Gayle is offering her books for FREE on Amazon! Click here and you’ll be whisked away to a land of humor and murder (otherwise known as Gayle’s Amazon Author Page). Enjoy the ride, enjoy the reads!

As promised on Monday, I’ve got Gayle’s super cool book trailer for Freezer Burn, but first a few more fun questions from our spunky friend.

What’s your favorite word?

Apparently, I say apparently a lot, but my favorite word is scamper. I love to scamper.

Least favorite word?

Amphitheater, because seriously, what is that first “h” doing in there? My mouth gets really lazy and wants to say “an-fi-the-a-ter” which makes everyone correct me. I hate to be corrected.

What profession other than yours do you want to do?

Queen. I’ll take any country. I just want to sit in a big comfy chair and tell people what to do. Oh, and wear a crown. But I could wear a tiara with my casual wear.

What’s your favorite curse word?

“F**K ME.” Has to be both words, and the f-word has to be said so the “u” isn’t really heard. Kind of a spitting, barking, “FK me.”

What do you want God to say to you when you get to heaven?

“Wow, you’re old.”

Sparkly tiara or grungy baseball cap?

If I owned one, it’d be sparkly tiara. All I’ve got are the baseball caps.

Spar with words, pool cue, or fists?

Spar with words, followed by pool cue. I’m not messing up my hands on anyone.

Wine or beer?

Wine. Red or white doesn’t matter. Love Rombauer Chardonney and Cupcake Winery Red Velvet.

It isn’t hard to see why I love this lady so much! Queen, sparkly tiaras, sparring with words, yep, she’s my kind of gal!

What’s next for Gayle? Well, in addition to being marvelously fabulous, she is finishing up her third Peri Minneopa mystery and will be writing her horse Snoopy’s memoir, told in his voice. Her sweet boy had a terrible accident a few years ago and this will be his story of how he went from being a rising star in the ring to devastation and back again. Multi-genre, multi-talented, that’s our Gayle!

As promised, I have Gayle’s book trailer for Freezer Burn for all of you. This is a hilarious spoof on the Old Spice commercial.

By the way, that’s Gayle’s son Marcus doing the voiceover. Here’s a pic of Marcus singing with his choral group at CSULB. Multi-talented seems to run in Gayle’s family!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this second installment of all things Gayle! Now hop on over to Amazon and get those books!