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A Quick Craft for Halloween Spookiness

It’s almost the witching hour when ghosts and goblins will be venturing forth for a trick or treat.

Why not greet your little monsters with a trick of your own? These spooky glowing eyes couldn’t be easier to make and they will delight your little ghouls all night long.

To make these spooky eyes, you’ll need:

  • Several empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls
  • Scissors or an X-Acto knife
  • A marker if you’re like me and need a cutting guide
  • Black spray paint (this is totally optional)
  • Gloves (if you’re going to spray paint)
  • Glow sticks or battery operated string of Christmas lights

To Make the Spooky Eyes:

I’m not very good at freehand cutting, so I drew on the eyes.

Then I used some super sharp scissors to cut them out, but found the X-Acto knife worked better. Just be careful! Those suckers are sharp and can take a finger off if you’re not watching what you’re doing.

Here’s where you can either paint them black, or just leave them plain. It will be dark out, so it doesn’t really matter. I just happened to have black spray paint on hand, so I gave them a quick coat. If you are going to spray paint them, use plastic gloves or you’ll get paint all over your hand.

That’s it! You’re done until nighttime. When it gets dark out, you pop in a glow stick (I got mine at the dollar store. Target also had some, 2 for $1.00!). If you have a string of battery operated Christmas lights, you can use those, too. Just cut a small hole in the back for the light and there you go. Easy peasy. You can line your walk with them, hide them in bushes, decorate your window sill, any thing you want.

If you’re up for a little more involved craft, last year Debra Kristi showed us how to make this fabulous Wicked Wreath of Delight. Just click here to hop over to her blog and see how it’s done. It was very easy, trust me. I made the one you see here. I think it took me a half an hour and that’s only because the skeleton demanded we stop for a cuppa. Who knew skeletons drank tea? His favorite brew? Earl Grey.

Will you be dressing up for Halloween? Got any great parties to attend? What’s your favorite costume ever?