My Dirty Little Secret

It's Fantasy Friday here at A Cup of Tea and Sorcery and I had two very cute videos lined up to show you today, but then something crazy happened. Don't worry, you'll see the videos next Wednesday – babies and bubbles, super cute!

So, I'm getting set to watch ‘America's Got Talent‘ with Michael and IT happened. There, at the bottom of the DVR recorded list, was ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts‘. Ooooh! I got a little shiver of excitement just seeing those words. I had no idea the new season had started, but there it was, in my queue just waiting for me!

Yes, you guessed it – I'm a trash T.V. reality show junkie. There, I've said it. Stop judging.

I really want to say I have my limits, but if there's no one home on Saturday afternoon and I need a break from writing, I'll pop on the couch to watch some trash T.V. with the hope that something like ‘Toddlers and Tiaras' or ‘Hoarders‘ will be on. Oooooh, more shivers of excitement!

But those are only the shows I watch when no one is home because, yes I'm ashamed to admit it, they are my guilty pleasure and while my husband is quasi understanding of my love for ‘Project Runway‘ or ‘Biggest Loser', he absolutely does not understand my affinity for those shows.

“It's research” I tell him in all honesty. What better character research than watching a bunch of people try to perform at their best in a pressure situation? That, and some of those moms on TnT's really make me look good.

Here's what I'm thinking: Wednesday will now be for fun videos and my crush of the week (I'm pretty sure Johnny Iuzzini needs to be my first one!) and on Friday I'll do a recap of the shows I've watched over the week. That way, if you missed any of the fun (drama), check in here and I'll get you caught up.

Wait, before you go – what are the trashy shows you watch? Are there any you hide from your family and friends? That's okay, you can tell us, we'll keep your secret!

19 thoughts on “My Dirty Little Secret”

  1. HartfordHartford

    I love trash TV! I am not ashamed to admit it. I often drag hubby into watching it with me bringing him to the dark side ! I love all of the above mentioned shows (although since we downgraded the satellite, I lost TLC and HGTV – sniff). I love Say Yes to the Dress, America’s Next Top Model, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad, House Hunters, Property Virgins – lord I could go on and on. There’s just something about it. Research – yes – that’s it! Thank you for that! LOL!
    I can’t WAIT for your recaps – woot woot!

  2. Piper BayardPiper Bayard

    Here goes. . . *takes deep breath* . . . I love America’s Next Top Model. I’ve been watching it with my daughter since she was eight years old. We can’t wait to see how they’re going to torture those girls next. And this may sound even more trashy, but there have been several teaching moments for my daughter about how being catty never pays, and how being healthy is the most beautiful asset a woman can have, and healthy has nothing to do with “skinny.” I like it that Tyra gives full figure gals an even chance.

    Ok. I did it. Can we just get to the coffee and donuts now?

  3. AnonymousAnonymous

    Semi-reformed reality TV addict waving over here! I watch just about all of the performance shows. I tried to watch the new karaoke show, but hated Carnie Wilson’s personality. I’m dancing that The X-Factor and The Sing-Off are coming up. And I recap The Voice and parts of AGT for RealityNewsOnline plus Idol rants on my blog. Um…did I say I was semi-reformed? :-0 Okay I’ll fess up to watching reruns of the toddlers show and horders too. Heh heh.

  4. JR TagueJR Tague

    Before I got rid of cable, I would watch all the terrible dating shows on MTV/VH1: Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, Shot at Love, Daisy of Love, etc etc. Yeah, it was a problem.

    I’m a little bit better now. But I still seek out Jersey Shore, The Ultimate Fighter, Tuf Enough, and Top Chef on Hulu. Gotta love that trashy tv! This sounds like a fun blog idea. I look forward to it!

  5. Kristal LeeKristal Lee

    My dirty little secret….I’m a infomercial junkie. Our satellite package contains an infomercial channel that Professor X had to block because I’d turn it on and veg all weekend watching it.

  6. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect ChaosJillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos

    I love young adult tv. Shows like Gossip Girl, Secret Life of the American Teen, Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars. I’d never watched a season of American Idol until last season, my husband and I watched the tryouts just to laugh, but we found ourselves cheering for certain singers and had to watch the whole season. Plus we loved the judges.

  7. Angela WallaceAngela Wallace

    Lol. “It’s research”–I like that. Sorry, no trashy shows for me. The only reality show I enjoyed was The Voice. I loved that the point was to build everyone up, not tear them down. Oh, wait, I like What Not to Wear too, but I don’t have cable so can’t watch it anyway.

  8. tameriethertontamerietherton

    Rock of Love, Daisy of Love, ah, those were the good old days of trashy tv.

    Barbara, no anonymous confessions here – we’re all in this together and we’re here for love and support. And donuts. I love the way Piper thinks.

    Kristal, doesn’t Professor X know that you might just find that one irreplaceble thing you need? My son shares your love of infomercials. Wacky kid.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I think this is going to be great fun!

  9. Angela OrlowskiPeart (@Angela_Peart)Angela OrlowskiPeart (@Angela_Peart)

    I’ve tried to watch several trashy shows but never really got hooked on any. In the past I’ve enjoyed Survivor (not too trashy) but after a few rounds it got too predictable.

    I’m always open to suggestions though 🙂

  10. Elena AitkenElena Aitken

    LOVE IT!
    I am a total reality tv junkie. My husband laughs at me, but he’ll watch some with me.
    My latest is bachelor pad, but there’s really not a lot of variety in the summer. And…anything on the Food network. I don’t know why but Top Chef, The next food network star…all that stuff. you know.
    But I LOVE your reasoning…it’s research. that’s right…research.
    I’m off to watch TLC.
    Can’t wait for your recaps.

  11. Nancy J NicholsonNancy J Nicholson

    Hey, I live on a boat. The best I can do is summertime “The Next Food Network Star”. And when it came to reality TV when I was a dirt dweller, the best times to watch were the beginning and maybe the last four weeks of a season. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  12. patriciasandspatriciasands

    American Idol – every week – tape it when we are away. There! I’ve said it out loud. Otherwise we are sports junkies.

  13. tameriethertontamerietherton

    You all are so funny! Why do we think watching these shows are bad? Oh, yeah, because they are!

    My husband is not terrified I’ll spend all day watching trashy tv. What a goober he is. Not all day, just a few hours of it and – it’s research!

    I need to troll the networks and see what trouble I can get into.

    Love your comments!

  14. Mikalee ByermanMikalee Byerman

    You want research? Try Bachelor Pad. There’s more drama and crazy and snark and crazy and venom and (did I mention?) crazy in that show than any other. Ever. In the history of TV, perhaps…

    But you have to be able to like the word “like.” Like “I’m so, like, over it because he’s so, like, mean to me.”

    AWESOME dialogue! So awesome, my boyfriend and I invented a drinking game every time “like” is uttered.

    Come to think of it, maybe that’s why we like the show so much. We’re always happy while watching it! Very, very happy… 😉

    September 1, 2011
  15. tameriethertontamerietherton


    I tried to love Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad, but I just can’t do those shows. I think I’m too old because it grosses me out when they start kissing and all you can hear is slurping.

    I did, however, spend an enchanted summer watching Tool Academy. Yeah, I’m so highbrow.

    Love the idea of your drinking game. You must be smashed by the end of the show!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    September 1, 2011
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