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We're jumping right into the trash today with a new show I saw over the weekend. Wow. That's all I can say about Tough Love Miami. Have any of you watched this show? I caught one episode and was shocked at the women! They have issues, we're talking some serious issues, and when Steve (the matchmaker, but not in the scary Patti Stengler way) tried to talk to them about how to change – they would argue with him! The website says this is season three. Really? How have I missed one and two?

Okay, I admit it, I was intrigued and might have to find this so I can DVR one more episode. Just one.

Rachel Zoe

I thought this was the last week for Rachel Zoe, but there's one more and then I get to see her little baby. This week Rachel finally let Jeremiah go on a styling gig, but she and Joey were so mean to him. It upset me. Then when Rodger fired Jeremiah, I wanted to cry! I was so worried for him that I actually googled him to see how he's doing. Yeah, I'm like that with characters in books, too. Except I can't really google them. I just think about them for a long time after I've finished the book and wonder what their lives are like.

Anyway, it seems that Jeremiah isn't actually fired. But, but, but, it sounded like Rodger fired him. I'm so confused! Should I be worried? Happy? Ah, screw it. Rachel's having her baby next week. Who cares what Jeremiah's doing, I get to see a baby!

America's Next Top Model

Ah, my sweet little models on Americal's Next Top Model. What is a season without some screaming and infighting? You didn't disappoint this week.

I don't really know what all the screaming was about. Something having to do with Bianca and Shannon and the phone. Then Lisa got involved and that's when the screaming started. That Lisa likes to yell. And curse. Dang, wash your mouth out with soap!

Whatever. On to the challenge. This week the girls had to walk a runway for the Kardashian sisters. Wait, did I mention the runway involved a spinning carousel? Yeah, that's right. Spinning. Oh. My. Heck. In six inch heels.

Most of the girls did okay with the heels and spinning carousel, Angelea was screaming like a fool and Mr. Jay said she ‘Sounds like someone's alcoholic aunt.' Yep, about sums it up. Lisa was her crazy self and at the end of the challenge, Lisa and Bre won. Yawn.

Have I mentioned Bianca needs to get over herself? She does, in a major way! She kept boo-hooing to Ms. J that she's above all the other models because she has a contract and she's the only *real* model there. Um, if you're the only *real* model and you have a contract, why the heck are you on a reality show? I'm pretty sure any agent with half a brain wouldn't push you to do the show. They'd be booking more photo shoots. Leave already!

The photo challenge this week is just too darn cool. The girls get to channel Michael Jackson. As a surprise, LaToya Jackson comes on set to help the girls. Some of the girls get to wear MJ's actual costumes. Whoa. That would be epic and terrifying at the same time. Can you imagine if you, oh, I don't know, passed gas in his trousers?

Hopefully Bre didn't do anything silly like that. Doesn't she look cool?

I thought all of the girls rocked the photo shoot and judging would be hard, but I don't pick the photos to be used. Tyra does and I think she picked a few stinkers.

It didn't matter, though because LaToya got to pick the winner AND loser.

So, who won?

Laura! Ah, I just love her. She's sweet and innocent and she avoids all the drama in the house.

Who went home?

No one. Yep, LaToya said Michael Jackson was all about love and helping people, so she didn't want to tarnish his memory. Dang. I was really hoping either Lisa would go home. She was in the bottom two with Angelea. Maybe next time.

Top Chef Just Desserts

This week's guest judge is François Payard. Know what I learned this week? François has a patisserie in Vegas. Guess where I'm going next month? You guessed it! Vegas. I'm so looking him up and getting a macaroon.

So the cheftestants had to make a pie for the judges. A simple pie is anything but and this challenge had them all scrambling. Oh, did I mention they had to do it with one had behind their back? It was hilarious watching them try to open jars, cut fruit, and roll out dough. They were actually kind of nice and kept helping each other. I liked that.

Poor Matthew, he wasn't thinking and used his forbidden hand to move the plate and was DQ'd. Bummer. Carlos won the challenge and a cool $5,000. Nice job!

The Elimination Challenge this week sent the chefs to an ‘upscale carnival'. They were challenged to make a tasty treat for 150 guests. Now, I don't know about you, but sometimes just making dinner for my family stresses me out. How do you know how much food to get for 150 people? That always boggles my mind.

Johnny! I love it when Johnny comes in the kitchen to check on the chefs. He tries to be all cool and supportive, but sometimes you just get the feeling he's thinking, ‘WTF?'. Love him!

When they call time, Sally realizes she left her corn pudding in the blast freezer and is stressed she's going to be sent home because of it. Hmmm, drama.

That night at the TCJD super secret house, Carlos, Orlando, and Matthew get smashed and play a game of ‘Never have I ever'. I just wish Bravo had a clip of it on the website. I couldn't find one, but maybe it's hidden in there somewhere. In the morning they regret the drinking, but it was awesome to watch.

So the guest judge for the Elimination Challenge is Dana Cowin, yeah, I don't know who she is either.

Matthew and Sally are the frontrunners in this challenge, which leaves Orlando, Chris, and Carlos in the bottom.

I just love it how Chris never understands that what he did was not good. He's very confident, that Chris.

Matthew wins the challenge – yay! He and Sally are my two favorites.

Carlos goes home. Meh. At least Chris and Orlando have one more week to fight it out for dessert supremacy. I love their little battle for the top. As they posture and preen, Sally and Matthew are just going to slip right on past and win the whole darn thing!

and finally…

Project Runway

Wow, this is the final challenge before the designers go home to make a collection for Fashion Week. I can't believe we're down to the final five. Yikes.

The designers take a field trip to Governors Island to get inspiration from the art. There are some amazing pieces on that little island. Definitely a cool place to check out if you're in New York.

Once back in the workshop Tim comes in with the dreaded button bag! Oooooh, what's going to happen?

All of the designers get to pick an assistant. Cool! But wait, the assistants are the last five designers sent home. Hmmmm….

Joshua picks Bryce and immediately starts in on Anya. That man is so catty! He really should focus more on his clothes and less on Anya. Seriously.

Laura boo-hoos that she has wanted to show at Fashion Week since she was ten and this is so important to her. Girl, if it's that important, stop crying and go make something fashionable! Geez.

So, the designers make their garments, change their minds, make something new, drive their assistants crazy, and then finally make something that goes down the runway.

Which brings us to – the runway show!

Ugh! The judges love Anya. Again. I'm starting to think this season is going to end much the same way last season ended. With my favorite not winning. But wait, I don't have a favorite. Okay, fine, I just don't want Anya to win, but I think she will.

What do you think? These are her winning looks. The judges thought she showed ‘range' I thought they all looked too similar. Zoe Saldana, the guest judge thought the one on the left looked like a condom. Um, yeah she's right!

The dress Anya's wearing is more interesting to me than the ones she made. But alas, I am not Michael Kors.

Speaking of MK – he still cracks me up. He tells Joshua that he's ‘like a magpie – he's attracted to anything shiny.' Like that's a bad thing?

Once they've all been judged, the designers have to say why they should stay and what other two designers they would pick. All of them say Anya, which is odd since they have all bashed her at one time or another.

Here's how it goes down:

Heidi tells Anya she's in (yeah, like we didn't already know). Then Viktor is in, Joshua is in, and that leaves Laura and Kimberly in the bottom.

Heidi's been hinting all night that more than one designer could go home. Will they send both home?

Nope. Just Laura gets the boot. Her tears were for naught.

Buh-bye Laura. I'll miss her. She was fun.

Next week promises to be crazy. What will these designers get up to next? Which model will be sent home and what bizarre new reality show will I become addicted to?

9 thoughts on “Trashy TV Recap ~ TCJD, ANTM, PR”

  1. Gayle CarlineGayle Carline

    Didn’t you love when Orlando says he only drank a little the night before – “Half a bottle of vodka isn’t that much, right?”

    They’d bury me if I drank that much.

    I know you don’t like Anya, but it’s funny – I’d probably never wear her clothes but I can completely see what the judges see in her. She has no formal training but an artist’s eye for color and texture and shape. She also “gets” the challenges and knows how to play the game. She’s the one doing the “inspired” looks instead of the literal ones. In this week’s challenge, she made her looks cohesive. Yeah, they were very similar, but they looked like the same girl would wear all of them, as opposed to Laura’s or Kim’s. And I hated that cocktail dress of Viktor’s – who wants to wear a shelf around their hips? For what, Gramma’s tchotchkes?

    I don’t know if Anya’s got the stuff to win. I think I’d like to see Kim go back to her edgier styles (she made great pants) and come from behind for the win.

  2. HartfordHartford

    As always…love your trashy TV Fridays…delightfully sinful…yum! :))

  3. tamikaeasontamikaeason

    I love this post, probably because I love reality TV. I recently became enarmored with Chopped. The intensity the opponents endure makes think of publishing and I just empathize with them.

    They have twenty minutes to create an amazing dish for three very different demanding judges. Trying to satisfy their taste palattes must be terrifying.

    But I love it! Oh, and The Housewives all except the New Jersey ladies– too over the top.

  4. patriciasandspatriciasands

    I never have time to watch tv for some reason and I don’t have to because your recaps are SO good! I feel like I’m right on top of everything. Thanks!

  5. Angela Orlowski-PeartAngela Orlowski-Peart

    I keep telling myself that I NEED to watch some of these shows — there is so much to choose from! I love your your trashy TV Fridays because I can learn about the shows and decide what to watch ahead of time 🙂

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