Today I’m hanging at Steena’s place, but check this out first!

Hello my super fabulous readers! You know how on Monday I had Steena Holmes here talking about how she loves indie publishing? Well, today I'm over at her place talking about how I love chocolate. I share some recipes, too and I'd love it if you could hop on over there and check it out! You're just a click away from chocolate decadence

But since you're already here, why not come up with a funny caption for this picture. The funniest response gets a huge cyber hug from me and all the cyber congratulations we all can muster!

Okay, I'll go first

‘The 80's are over? When did that happen?'

Now it's your turn. Have fun and get crazy!

21 thoughts on “Today I’m hanging at Steena’s place, but check this out first!”

  1. Kim FlynnKim Flynn

    Oh NO… I look like Paulie D…

  2. pauldelanceypauldelancey

    To get contraceptives, I have to do what??!!

  3. MarciaMarcia

    I’m terrible at this stuff, but I’ll give it a shot.
    What? I’m adopted?

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