Happy International Day of the Girl!

Today's a special Thursday post. My friend, Patricia Sands blogged about the International Day of the Girl earlier this week and I wanted to keep the momentum going. She's Canadian, so this post has a bit of a Canadian slant, but there are tons of ways American women can get involved as well.

Because girls are important. Girls matter. Girls kick ass!

This is what Patricia had to say about the International Day of the Girl…

Last December, the United Nations’ General Assembly officially designated October 11 as the International Day of The Girl. Today, Canada and nations around the world will focus on raising awareness of the particular challenges that girls face and implement plans to take action.

Girls will be recognized as powerful agents of change and as leaders of today and tomorrow, and girl-specific issues will be highlighted.

The Canadian government led the resolution at the UN and over 100 member nations have already pledged their support. Individually we can all show our support in many ways and most easily by spreading the word and getting involved. Let’s face it, we women know how to communicate!

Every girl is someone’s daughter. Let’s make all daughters proud by honouring them and working toward gender equality and girls’ rights everywhere on this planet.

Here are some excellent links for more details on the subject. Please pass the information on and see how you can get involved with whatever your community plans for this landmark occasion.

Status of Women Canada

Plan International

Because I Am A Girl – Fabulous site! Join them on Twitter and Facebook right here!

Day of the Girl.org

Patricia is a proud member of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. If you're in Canada, she urges you to consider becoming involved in one of their innovative programs.

As a women’s foundation, we specialize in helping women and girls move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence.


We invest in the power of women and the dreams of girls. The Canadian Women’s Foundation raises money to research, fund and share the best approaches to ending violence against women, moving low-income women out of poverty and building strong, resilient girls.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada, what better time to be reminded of our own good fortune and the struggles of others, near and far. We are in this life together so let’s pay it forward in whatever ways possible.

Here’s the challenge dear readers – UNLEASH THE POWER!


A quick Google search and I found Women's Foundations in my state, and all around the country. I hope you'll join Patricia and me in our efforts to give girls a voice.
Thank you Patricia, for letting me borrow your post today! It's such an important message ~ and it affects everyone. Much love, my sistah.

16 thoughts on “Happy International Day of the Girl!”

  1. Steena HolmesSteena Holmes

    LOVE this! I’m totally going to join and do what I can 🙂

    • patriciasandspatriciasands

      Steena, I think there is a CWF chapter in Calgary. It’s a fantastic organization and particularly appropriate for those of us with daughters and who write about women and girls. Every girl should be recognized in this world.

  2. August McLaughlinAugust McLaughlin

    I have chills. Thanks so much for sharing this, Tameri and Patricia. What a fabulous cause and holiday! Off to share… #GIRLPOWER!

  3. patriciasandspatriciasands

    Tameri, thanks so much for helping to spread the word here! You are such a fine advocate and strong voice for a cause like this! Muaaaah!

  4. Rebecca EnzorRebecca Enzor

    Girl Power! Great post – I had no idea today was the Day of the Girl 🙂

  5. Louise BehielLouise Behiel

    Yay for girls. When are we going to realize that women have the power to rule the world – we cna make huge changes if we step forward and stand together.

  6. Debra KristiDebra Kristi

    OMG! So beautiful, my friend. I’m kicking myself for being so far behind. We can make a difference, can’t we?

  7. Sheena-kay GrahamSheena-kay Graham

    I didn’t know about this special day. Thank you for this post. I have received a lot of useful info.

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