Stretch That Comfort Zone!

Hello my friends!

Today I'm excited to be guest posting on The Write Way Cafรฉ's blog! I'm talking about stretching my comfort zone where books are concerned. Not writing them, reading!

I hope you'll pop over and leave a comment. Hint: I nameย a fabulous resource for getting books for a couple of bucks, legitimately. Go on, you know you want to! Click here to read the post.

But before you go, I thought I'd let you in on what's been keeping me crazy lately.


Yes, swag. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a swag junkie. I love bookmarks, but if I can get something from a favorite author that's useful and fun, all the better.

With the release of The Stones of Kaldaar coming in September, I've been wondering just what I can give readers. What value can I add to their day?

While in New Orleans, I bought this cool pendant made out of a domino. Yes, a game piece. I kept looking at it thinking, ‘I can make these' and so I did!

And here's our sweet Lady Dazzleton modeling the one I chose to keep for myself.

Lady D rockin' the swag!


And because I like to play with color, here are some others I made.

Yes, I did add glitter to a few. I had to!When the cover's finished, I'll play around with new designs, but for now, I love these.

So, what do you think? Is this swag a reader might like? What do you like getting from authors? Bookmarks? Books? Pens? I have a ton of ideas swirling in my brain, I need to corral them!

Don't forget to check out my guest post. In case you forgot, the link is here.

Thanks and I hope everyone has a wildly fantastic day!


14 thoughts on “Stretch That Comfort Zone!”

  1. Debra KristiDebra Kristi

    Those look great! You did an amazing job! You’re hired! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You ask a tough question. One I’ve been asking myself often, probably for the very same reason. I’ll let you know when I’ve settled on the answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Patricia RickrodePatricia Rickrode

    I like the dominoes. They are lovely and so you. I collect book marks and most swag items. Some are better than others. I like the useful stuff the most; post-its, pens, matches, stuff like that.

    What a fun idea you had. Keep thinking outside the box my dear.

    Will you be going to RWA in San Antonio?

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Patricia RickrodePatricia Rickrode

      I posted a comment on the other site, but I didn’t see it show up so I’m not sure if I’m being moderated or if something went horribly wrong. Anyway, I loved that post.

      Patricia Rickrode
      w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. Gayle CarlineGayle Carline

    I’m loving the swag, especially the ones you made for me (such a great present)! I love giving a book thong to one of my women readers and saying, “Now you can tell your husband, ‘I’ll be up to bed in a minute, Dear. I just have to find my thong.’ They love it!”

  4. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    Gorgeous designs.
    Bookmarks are always great.

  5. Tracey LivesayTracey Livesay

    Those would be awesome swag, Tameri! Swag is the bane of my existence. I spend so much time trying to think of swag that people would actually use, and not throw away. Even when we were shopping in New Orleans, I was looking at little trinkets I could’ve given away. Didn’t find anything. But I love the domino necklace. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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