A Holiday Wish and Gift For You!


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Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Blessed Solstice!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you find compassion, love, and friendship along the way. And if you're surrounded by scrumptious food, that's even better! Especially cookies. Everyone loves cookies.

You know what goes great with cookies? Tea! And a great book.

Right now The Stones of Kaldaar ebook is on sale for only $1.99! Lady Dazzleton and I wanted to give you a spectacular gift and thought this would be a good start. We have a lot of fabulousness planned for 2015. If you aren't already signed up for the Inner Sanctum, a newsletter I send out monthly-ish with super secret deals, behind-the-scenes mischief, and opportunities to win awesome gifts, you need to be! Click here to be part of the Inner Sanctum.

If you're looking for an epic fantasy adventure with love, betrayal, sex, and swords, then you'll love The Stones of Kaldaar!

It's been quiet around here for too long. Let's grab our champagne glasses and get this party started!

Over the next few weeks I'll be updating the site with tons of World of Aelinae features. Be sure to come back and check out the exciting features like a glossary, cast of characters, and world maps.

I'll also update my schedule. 2015 is going to be crazy with trips all over the US! I hope you'll be near at least one of them and we can meet in person. More details on where you can find me will be posted by the first of the year. First up ~ Portland Comic-Con in January!

Well my darlings, have a wonderful holiday. Hold your loved ones tight, cuddle with your fur babies, drink some delicious tea, and enjoy a good read.

All my love to you and yours,



2 thoughts on “A Holiday Wish and Gift For You!”

  1. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    Hope you had a great Christmas, Tameri. Best wishes for 2015.

    December 28, 2014

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