Who The Heck Is Tameri Tiara?

Happy almost Summer, my beauties!

Today is my son's first full day off of school and he's celebrating by sleeping. Ah, youth! Me? I'm celebrating by working hard on Rhoane's novella, which I hope to have out by mid-August when I head to Chicago for another Wizard World Comic Con.

Carol's been painting a gorgeous new cover for this little book and I can't wait to share it with you. Plus, I put an excerpt on the Darathi Vorsi Facebook page, that's the closed group just for street team members. If you love the books and would like to be a part of the street team, we'd love to have you. Just click here to join. Another excerpt will be going out in the newsletter soon, I hope you've signed up for the Inner Sanctum. I'll be starting a new feature where once a month a lucky newsletter subscriber will win one of the books. If you aren't a member of the Inner Sanctum, you can sign up right here.

There really are some amazing things coming up for us this year, and it seems like each week I'm adding something new to the calendar. If you haven't checked out the Schedule yet, please do. If I'm going to be in your area, I'd love to meet up for tea! You can see all of my groovy trips here (and above on the menu bar).

Whew! I think that's it for those updates… now onto our topic of the day.

Who the heck is Tameri Tiara?

Tameri Tiara_DevelopingCassandra_800Me! As some of you know, I released an erotic romance novel back in April under the pen name Niki Hart. As it turns out, there is another young lady with this pen name (with two k's, but still WAY too similar), and she just happens to write erotica. Instead of keeping the Niki Hart name, I decided to make things simple on everyone (especially myself!), and change the erotic romance pen name to Tameri Tiara.

Remembering I'm Niki at times was hard, being Tameri Tiara is easy. 🙂 Especially since it's my first and middle name. For real. Tameri Tiara. I did consider writing under Tiara Nirvana (my maiden name), but I think I'll save that for YA or children's books!

I love the new name as much as I love the book. It's very different from what I've put out so far. Contemporary erotic romance with lots of BDSM, Sex, M/F, M/M/F, F/F, M/M, romance, intrigue, etc. It was a lot of fun to write and readers are loving it as much as I do. Which is always the goal!

I happen to have a few copies of the book with Niki Hart listed as author, if you'd like a copy, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. Winners will be chosen on Monday.

Enter here to win a copy of Developing Cassandra!


The camera never lies…

When it comes to sex, Cassandra James is about as exciting as dryer lint. Until one night when her boss, a famed erotic photographer, invites her into the scene. Her world explodes with new desires, hidden fantasies, and an insatiable need to experience all she can. Including the wicked crops and crosses in her boss’s playroom.

The only thing keeping Cassie from truly committing to this new lifestyle is the gorgeous model who lives across the hall. But a guy like him would never understand the wants of a woman like her…

Luciano De Moreno is more than just an international model. Once the premiere stud in one of Hollywood’s top producer’s stable, he craves more from life than being someone’s pony. What he desires just happens to live across the hall. But there’s no way a good girl like Cassie could ever love a man like him. A man with a sordid past and a penchant for crops and floggers.

Just when it looks like he might have a chance, their future is threatened by a power player from Luca’s distant past. It will take a daring choice, but Luca is determined to be free from his blackmailer.

First, he must confess his sins to Cassandra.

Hot, hot, hot! Now you understand the need for another name, right? If you prefer to read your steamy novels on kindle, Developing Cassandra is available exclusively on Amazon. You can get your copy today.



I hope you have a fabulous weekend and remember, I love chatting with readers. Tweet me, Like my FB page, or send me an email. YOU'RE the reason I do what I love to do. Write!

4 thoughts on “Who The Heck Is Tameri Tiara?”

  1. Patricia RickrodePatricia Rickrode

    So your real name as a child was Tameri Tiara Nirvana? That’s just about the coolest name I’ve every heard. No wonder you remind me of a rock star. And to think, I can call you friend.

    Good luck with the new books. I’ll put them on by TBR list.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    Okay, I am totally jealous and bowing down to your cool names!
    I love the name “Tameri Tiara”.

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