Exciting News and a Free Ebook!

Hello my darlings!

I'm in New York for the annual Romance Writers of America conference and whew! I'm exhausted. It's been non-stop excitement of seeing friends and making new ones. My brain is full to bursting from all the information I've assimilated.

Which is probably why I forgot to let you know DEVELOPING CASSANDRA ebook is free until Monday, July 27th. Click on the picture or the button below to snag your copy!

Tameri Tiara_DevelopingCassandra_800

The camera never lies…

When it comes to sex, Cassandra James is about as exciting as dryer lint. Until one night when her boss, a famed erotic photographer, invites her into the scene. Her world explodes with new desires, hidden fantasies, and an insatiable need to experience all she can. Including the wicked crops and crosses in her boss’s playroom.

The only thing keeping Cassie from truly committing to this new lifestyle is the gorgeous model who lives across the hall. But a guy like him would never understand the wants of a woman like her…

Luciano De Moreno is more than just an international model. Once the premiere stud in one of Hollywood’s top producer’s stable, he craves more from life than being someone’s pony. What he desires just happens to live across the hall. But there’s no way a good girl like Cassie could ever love a man like him. A man with a sordid past and a penchant for crops and floggers.

Just when it looks like he might have a chance, their future is threatened by a power player from Luca’s distant past. It will take a daring choice, but Luca is determined to be free from his blackmailer.

First, he must confess his sins to Cassandra.

Get this fun read today!




More good news!

THE STONES OF KALDAAR is an award-winning novel! Last month, Kaldaar won best fantasy in the San Diego Book Awards, and this past Thursday night, I found out Kaldaar placed second in the fantasy category of the FF&P PRISM Awards. Whoot! Go Taryn and Rhoane!

If you haven't read books one and two the Song of the Swords series yet, give them a try. Rhoane's novella will be released next month, so there's still time to catch up before THE DARATHI VORSI PRINCE comes out.

I'll have more updates as the date gets closer.

I hope your summer has been as relaxing, exciting, adventurous, or lazy and you want it to be!

Until next time,
be amazing.



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  1. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    Looking forward to reading, and congrats on the award, Tameri. That’s a big deal!
    Thanks for the book.

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