Becoming a Hero Can Be Hell

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I am so excited to finally share Rhoane's story with you! Writing this novella was enlightening for so many reasons.

One, I learned I can write short! That was huge (and sometimes terrifying) for me. Two, I was able to delve deeper into Rhoane's psyche and damn! That man is complicated. He told me some things you'll read in book three that made me laugh AND cry. Oh, Rhoane. You break my heart.

Want to know what The Darathi Vorsi Prince is about? Of course you do!

Darathi, the dragons of Aelinae, have been exiled for centuries. No one remembers when they left, or why they disappeared, or where they went. Even the darathi can't remember, except the eldest. Gilchrist is the only dragon remaining who knows their salvation is tied to the Darathi Vorsi Prince. He all but loses hope until one day he witnesses Rhoane's birth. Their prince will one day release them from their exile, but not until he earns his crown. To do that, Rhoane will have to betray his beloved not once, but twice.
Then he'll kill her.

Here's a tease from chapter one:

Sheanna. The word curdled his innards, twisted his veins until no blood flowed. His youthful heart pumped faster, searching for strength that was not there.

Surely she wasn’t serious. Rhoane, a prince and First Son of the Eleri, sheanna. An outcast from his home, his family, his people. He’d never been beyond the third veil, and yet his mother, Queen Aislinn, expected him to live among the Fadair—not as one of them, but among them as if he were a part of their filth, their repugnant customs and traditions.

No. He couldn’t do it. Wouldn’t leave his family for an oath he’d made when he still wore short pants.

“Dance with me, my First Son. I can see by your furrowed brow you are upset with my request.”

Rhoane glared at his mother, putting all of his angst into that one look. “Request? I seem to recall it more a royal command.”

“You misinterpret my words, darling.” They spun into the crowd, their voices lost to the din of chatter among the partygoers. This night they celebrated Carga’s initiation as apprentice to their high priestess. It was not a night meant for family quarrels. “You cannot stay here and wait for the Darennsai to find you. You must find her.” A chill of warning bit against every syllable.

“What if Verdaine is wrong?”

Aislinn placed a cool palm upon his cheek. Her power thrummed below the surface of her skin, tempered but vast in its scope. There was no warmth in her touch, no gentleness in her words. “A goddess is rarely wrong.”

Poor Rhoane! From there, it all goes to hell. He's tempted by gorgeous women, forced to fight for his life, and has visions he can't explain. All of this before he ever meets his intended. Some of your favorite characters make an appearance in this story. Faelara, Baehlon, Carga, Myrddin, and Empress Lliandra are all there to guide, and misguide at times, our reluctant hero. New characters are introduced, many of whom will play a major part in Taryn's destiny. You don't want to miss out on what's happening in Aelinae!

The suggested reading order to give you the best enjoyment of the series is:
The Stones of Kaldaar (Song of the Swords Book One)
The Darathi Vorsi Prince (A Song of the Swords Novella)
The Temple of Ardyn (Song of the Swords Book Two)

Right now The Darathi Vorsi Prince ebook is at a sweet introductory price of just $0.99! That price won't last forever, so snag your copy today. And if you prefer print, that's available too!

The Darathi Vorsi Prince



As always, thank you for being on this journey with me! Rhoane and Taryn's story will continue in The Ruins of Mallaqai, due out next year.

If you've read the series, tell me, who is your favorite character? Whose story are you most excited to read next? There will be three more novels for this series and a few more novellas. Inspire me to write the next one!



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  1. Serena DracisSerena Dracis

    I love a good dragon story! I’ll check out your books. 🙂

    September 12, 2015
  2. Kitt CrescendoKitt Crescendo

    Darlin’ I think you’ve outdone yourself again! So proud of you.

    September 27, 2015

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