National Novel Writing Month Is Almost Here!

crest-05e1a637392425b4d5225780797e5a76November first begins what thousands of writers fondly refer to as NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month is a month-long writing sprint where people of varying degrees of sanity pledge to write 50,000 words on a new project. NEW. As in, no other words have been written for this project yet. It's a fresh piece of fiction (or non-fiction if that's your thing) where anything is possible. The sky's the limit for your imagination.

And yet NaNoWriMo is not to be undertaken without some limits, or boundaries if you will. Like, letting your loved ones know you might not clean the house for the entire month. That holiday right smack in the middle of the writing frenzy? Yeah, please don't expect me to cook for anyone. And forget about laundry. Ha! Clean clothes are for procrastinators and dilettantes.

I've completed NaNoWriMo in the past, and had a lot of fun doing it, but I wasn't published and there was an air of, ‘Hahaaa! I can write whatever I want! No one will ever see this dreck! Hahahaaa!' Well, this year I'm actually working on a new book. A book I need to write. A real project that can't be something silly or fun or reworked a thousand times like my last NaNo venture. It has to be written fairly clean without typos or mistakes or long passages of flailing monkey dung strewn about. It needs to make sense.

Which means, I'm stressed. More than a little.

But I need this. I want this. I can do this.


Who's with me? Who here will take up the challenge and join me in my quest to write fifty THOUSAND fabulously near-perfect words in ONE month? Buddy me on the NaNoWriMo website ~ I'm tameri_etherton. We can cheer for each other.

If we're serious about completing NaNoWriMo this year, we need a plan. Mine is to have plenty of tea, Lifesavers Gummies, and chocolate. I will write at least 2,000 words a day (that gives me more than the required amount, but this is a real book, remember? I NEED that many words!), and I will not edit myself along the way. I will be making up a loose outline next week with major plot points I want to hit (and most likely laughing my ass off the first week when I throw that outline out the window). And finally, I won't beat myself up if I miss a day of writing because, say, my husband wants a date with me. Or the dogs decide they want to cuddle in my lap for the entire day while watching movies. It's been known to happen, so I need to prepare.

I totally get it if you're on the fence about joining NaNoWriMo. You have a book to edit. You have a full-time job. You have a thousand other excuses for why you can't do NaNo. I get it. I've been there. If you aren't going to write this year, then cheer us crazies on in our endeavor. Better yet, every so often, open our office doors and toss in some cookies. We'll need them.

Together, we can accomplish anything.

Who are my NaNoWriMo Buddies? Comment below to let us know what you're working on! And if you're not doing NaNo, give us a shout out of encouragement.

See you all on November 1st!

7 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month Is Almost Here!”

  1. Rebekah LoperRebekah Loper

    It is hopefully obvious by now that I am one of the NaNo crowd. 😛 It’s weird, though, I had to type in the actual url for your nano profile, because the ‘search’ function wouldn’t pull you up on the site. Huh.

  2. Emma MeadeEmma Meade

    Good luck, Tameri. Lots of cups of tea will see you through.

  3. Lissa ClouserLissa Clouser

    NaNo is how I met the Ferrets! It’s also what eventually taught me that I’m not a novelist (at least, not for now) but a poet. It isn’t that 50,000 words is too daunting (I actually hit it my first year!), only that my brain likes to play with language in tiny fragments and not epic arcs. Even if I’m not ‘officially’ NaNo-ing anymore, I take this month to try to focus on my own writing projects all the same while I cheer on all of the awesome writers around me. And I DEFINITELY believe in YOU! There’s something about the energy of so many writers chasing such a crazy goal that helps encourage you to meet your own, whatever that goal may be. Go forth and write!!! =)

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