Make 2016 Your Year of Creative Kindness

It's getting to be that time when we look toward the New Year and think about all the resolutions and promises we want to make. Some are to get into better shape, others involve finances, and still more are goals meant to give us more time, more energy, more…something.

How about if this year, we forget all the superfluous stuff and make a promise to be kind to ourselves?

I'm willing to bet we're kinder to strangers than we are to ourselves. We're willing to forgive someone's rudeness or harsh comment, yet we're far too quick to judge our own actions and far to slow to forgive our transgressions.

This year, embrace your body just the way it is. Too thin, too fat, too whatever. It's your body. It gives you life and gets you from point A to point B. Love your body for what it does for you and treat it kindly in return. If that means you give up soda, then give up soda. But do it because you respect your body. Not because of some fad diet or the judgement of others.

One area I think we all could benefit from showing kindness is in our creative efforts.

You are a creative soul. You make something from just your imagination. That's freaking awesome and should be celebrated! Don't spend time arguing with yourself why it's not good enough. Don't compare your work to other's. That's all negative energy that robs you of your creative spirit. Spend the time you would've given to bashing yourself on creating something new. Find joy in the simple pleasure of the creative process. Remember why you loved to write or draw or paint or make music. There was a reason you wanted to do that, a passion you had for creating. Reconnect with that passion.

I once bought my sweet friend a little painted canvas that said, Be You, Not Them. I think of that saying often. It's a dangerous hole to get lost in when you start comparing yourself to others. An even worse labyrinth to escape from when you start believing the lies you'll tell yourself of how ‘they're' better than you. They write better, dress better, create better. It's all bullshit.

You are amazing and unique. There is no one else on this planet like you. What you have to offer is something NO ONE else can give the world. Your voice is important and needs to be heard.

Remember that the next time you feel like criticizing yourself. And then show your body, your mind, your spirit some kindness. Embrace your weirdness. Explore your insecurities. Enjoy the uniqueness of YOU.

Be You, Not Them.
Be Amazing.
Be Kind to Yourself.

From Lady Dazzleton and myself, we hope 2016 is a totally kickass year!

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