Free Fiction Fridays: First Class (Part Four)

Happy Friday, darlings!

Today we have Serena again, and she's giving Colton something to think about. I know I said this story would only be four weeks, but that Colton… he insisted on having the last word! So, next week will be the conclusion to our frisky little tale.

I hope you've been enjoying this story. It's been fun to write (and completely different from my other work, i.e. no sex!). I'm having great fun getting to know new characters, even if they are only in our lives for a short amount of time. Please, let me know if you'd like more from Colton and Serena. I hope to keep FFFs going indefinitely, and revisiting characters would be interesting. If you need to catch up with the story, you can do that here with part one, part two, and part three.

And no onto part four. Enjoy!

First Class


What the hell just happened? One minute he was playfully sexy, the next, as cold as cinderblocks in her parent’s basement. His rested against the seat, eyes closed, but by the tension in his jaw, he was far from relaxed. She’d triggered something in him, and now, more than ever, she wanted to know more about Colton Dillinger III. No, she didn't want to know that man, it was the man he was hiding she longed to discover.

For a long time she watched him, studying his profile, noting the hard lines of his cheekbones, the softness of his lips. Hard and soft, that was him. She doubted he allowed himself to be soft, though. Yet there was this vulnerability begging to be unleashed. Her fingers itched to trace his jaw, feel the stubble on his chin, scratch up his neck to his hair. That damn hair that screamed to be tousled.

Whatever. She did have an early call and needed sleep. If Mr. Dillinger didn’t want to play her game, fine. She slid into her seat, adjusting herself to get more comfortable, and slipped her earbuds into her ears. Music blotted out ambient sound and she let the song take her away, to a place where moody men didn’t exist.

She must’ve slept because the next thing she new, the flight attendant was reaching across her to hand Colton his meal. Serena blinked awake, a little disoriented. She’d been dreaming of driving along the cliffs of Dover in a silver Aston Martin with Colton in the passenger seat. Ha! As if he’d ever let go of control long enough to let a woman drive. The thought made her laugh and she coughed to cover her chuckle.

The attendant brought her a meal, along with another gin with lime, and Serena made short work of her lunch. She hadn’t had time to eat before he flight and was ravenous. To her left, Colton made a weird clucking sound, like a tsk, but garbled. She debated whether she should ignore him and knew it was futile.

“Yes?” she drawled, giving him her best stink eye. Although, she wasn’t sure if she looked like she had palsy or was pissed. Pulling faces had never been her strong suit, one of the many reasons he mother had warned her not to become an actress. According to good old Mum, she had neither the looks, the brains, nor the talent to make it in the industry. Serena had become a stunt woman as a way to punish her mother. She was still onscreen, just not the star. It drove her mum bat shit crazy, which made Serena supremely satisfied with her decision.

“You eat like a starved hyena.”

“So? I’m hungry. Oh, I’m sorry, am I supposed to hold my pinky out and be all prim and proper because I’m in first class?” her snort was a bonus meant to annoy him.

“Not at all. It’s refreshing to see a woman enjoy her food.”
Serena took a huge bite and shoved it into her mouth to keep from saying one of the dozen snarky comments that darted through her mind. Fuck him. Yes, she liked to eat. Who the hell did he hang out with? Oh, that’s right, actresses and models who were watching their figures.

Serena didn’t have that limitation. She needed the calories for fuel. Performing stunts took a lot of energy and she wasn’t shy about giving her body what it needed.

He, she noted, finished every scrap of his meal. The expensive button down he wore hid most of his body, but she imagined he was fit with little fat to spare. God, why’d she have to think of that? Now the daydream continued down his chest to his groin and on to his legs—visualizing him naked the entire time. Her face scrunched into a frown as she debated whether he’d be good in bed or not. The need to control could ruin an otherwise pleasant roll in the sack.

“You’re staring,” he mocked her comment from earlier.

“I know.”

“It’s rude.”

“I’m just wondering how tightly spun you are—in all things.” She put emphasis on the last few words and by the crook of his smile, he understood her meaning.

“I like control, is that such a bad thing?”

“Are we talking Dom kind of control? Or, you just don’t like to be unbalanced because you’re terrified someone will get to know the real you?”

Anger flashed in his eyes, turning them almost black. “I’m not compelled to whip my lovers, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Actually, I was asking if you ever let loose? Like, just let go and see where the day takes you?”
He swirled his tumbler of whisky, his stare intent on the amber contents. “Look, Miss—”


“Right, just Serena. I didn’t build my company by flitting around being irresponsible. I understand that someone like you might not comprehend what goes into running a corporation, but it takes long hours and commitment.” He continued on, but Serena only vaguely heard him. Instead, she focused on his speech patterns, and watched the way his lips and tongue rolled over every syllable.

Their trays were cleared and Serena unlicked her seatbelt to sit sideways, that way, she could fully see Colton. Her movement startled him for a second and he lost his train of thought, but was soon back on course, reciting the same boring rhetoric she could read in any business magazine. The fact he was selling himself this hard to her, trying to convince her what a great businessman he was, told her far more than he would ever know. When he finally stopped to allow her to respond, she simply smiled at him.

“What?” he asked, a tic pulling at the corner of his eye. The rest of his features were set in a firm grimace she was sure meant to intimidate.

Then she did something that surprised them both—she reached out and stroked his chin with her fingertips. The touch of his skin, smooth with a hint of stubble marring his perfection, sent a shiver to her most private places. If they weren’t on a plane, damn, what she’d be doing to him right now would make a porn star blush.

His flinch at her touch was subtle, but then he relaxed a fraction and allowed her to continue to explore his features. She dragged a thumb over his lips, noting their softness and fought the desire to lean over and take then between her lips. Then, she stroked along his cheekbone to his ears. She made a lazy lap over the edges of his left ear, then swung back up to his temple were she felt his tension coil like a spring set to snap any moment. She didn’t allow herself to touch his silky hair for fear she’d lose control and slide onto his lap.

Because that’s what she really wanted. To rip open his stuffy shirt and explore what was hidden beneath. Her breath caught and she glanced at his eyes. They studied her and she squirmed beneath the intensity. Panty melting. That’s all she could think of to describe the look he gave her. Desire mixed with something feral. Lust. Yes, raw and pure, he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Not on an airplane, she reminded herself. Even if it was first class, there was no way she would do it at thirty thousand feet.

The desire to continue her exploration of his face past his chin was too much, so she pulled away from him, resting her hands in her lap.

“Well? Did you discover all my secrets?”



“Are you sure you want to here it?”

There was a pause, small, but there nonetheless. “Yes.”

Serena took a deep breath, not really certain she wanted to tell him, but she didn’t hold back. “You were abused when you were young. Sexually, I’d say, but definitely emotionally and physically. You need control because without it, you’re terrified of what can happen. I’d guess you were raised in South London, by the docks.”

A wall, subtle, but powerful, went up around him. The lust in his eyes turned hard, his lips flatlined, and his jaw clenched with each word.

“Who sent you? Was it Amy? Or a tabloid? A competitor? Who are you really, Just Serena?”
His words were like physical blows and she rocked with the venom unleashed with each syllable.

“No one sent me. I haven’t lied to you, Colton. I’m not a reporter, or a spy, I’m just very good at reading people. It was something drilled into me from a young age and hard to escape.” She reached out to take his hand, but he pulled away, knocking his elbow against the side of the plane.

“I won’t say any of what you’ve told me is true, but it seems you’re awfully curious about me. Why?”

Because you're broken and hurting and I know how that feels. Because you’re powerful, yet alone, you don’t trust people because they’ve been shit to you and I know how that feels. Plus, I want to shag you in the lavatory. She didn’t say any of that, instead, she kept her voice calm, reassuring, “Because you look like someone who could use a friend. And,” she started before she could stop herself, “I find you extremely fascinating and too damn sexy.”

A tiny smile began to thaw his features.

“Yes, I said sexy. Get over yourself, you know damn well what you look like.” She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.

This was not going well. She was being stubborn, which was great for work, not for relationships. As her past failed romances could attest. Who cared what ghosts lurked in his closet? Everyone had secrets, including her, and she wasn’t about to confess all to this stranger. No, a new tact was needed.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot.” She shook out her arms and scooted to sit forward in her seat. From the corner of her eye, she saw Colton give her a ‘what the hell?’ glance. After she smoothed her features and plastered a huge smile on her face, she turned back to her seat mate. “Hi,” she said, all charm and sugar, “I’m Serena.” She thrust her hand at him and blinked with contrived innocence. His grin electrified the blood in her veins, heating her insides to dangerous levels. Damn, he was way too sexy. His hand snaked out and enfolded hers.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Serena. I’m Colton.” His grip stayed firmly on her hand, his eyes danced with mischief and that damn smile grew larger, igniting more heat in her oversaturated body. “What brings you to London?”

“A job, you?”

“I live there.”

“Ooooh, that must be exciting. I've never lived in the city. Have you ever been to the Tower of London?” She kept her tone animated, like an overexcited puppy and he chuckled. An actual chuckle from deep in his chest. Better, much, much better than the scowl he was wearing a minute ago.

She resumed her position of sitting nearly sideways in her seat, her hand still in his, and stared into his deep blue eyes. She could lose herself in their depths. They were like an ocean, a turbulent expanse of danger that called to her soul. This man made her think things she’d almost forgotten existed. Desire, love, companionship. Those were banished in her lexicon, yet he brought them all bubbling to the surface where they burned anew.

Instead of quizzing him on his past, she kept the questions light, playful. The entire time, her hand rested in his, with his thumb making circles over her knuckles, or tracing the lines on her palm. His touch distracted her, but not in a bad way. After awhile, he relaxed, his shoulders and jaw losing the tension that had kept him rigid, all hard angles and angst. His laughter was spontaneous and surprising. A lovely sound she longed to hear more of.

By the time the plane began their descent into London, she was no closer to knowing anything about his childhood and didn’t care. Even if everything he’d told her was a lie, she’d enjoyed their conversation. Not only had she given him exercises to keep his accent posh, she’d clued him in to several ways to read a potential client. Several times he told her how impressed he was with her knowledge of kinesiology and linguistics. What she really wanted to hear was that he’d like to see her again, but that offer never surfaced.

The plane touched down and Serena’s mood with it. The conversation with Colton had been fun and made the long hours in the air seem like minutes, but now she was back in London and reality set in. He’d go his way and she hers. It was for the best, she knew, but still she wished she’d been able to break through his barriers just a little bit more. Once she stopped trying to discover his past, he turned out to be charming, intelligent, and incredibly funny. A pinch of regret settled in her gut when she realized she was looking forward to seeing more of him.

God, what was wrong with her? She was here for a job. Nothing more. No shagging, no entanglements, nothing to make her want to stay longer than the five days she was contracted for. She grabbed her bags from the overhead and turned to say goodbye to her seat mate. He attention was firmly on the phone in his hand, his fingers tapping quickly. With a shrug, she exited the plane. Colton Dillinger III had already forgotten her and moved on, something she should do as well. By the time she reached baggage claim, he was a distant memory. Her focus set on the day’s work ahead, and finding her driver.

Someone called her name and she glanced up, expecting to see a chauffeur, instead she looked straight into the deep ocean that was Colton’s blue eyes. “You left.”

“You were busy.”

Then his lips were on hers, searing heat blazed from his mouth, igniting a long-dormant passion that threatened to consume them both. One hand moved to the small of her back, pinning her against him, while the other swept up her neck to grab a handful of hair. Her moan was swallowed by his kiss. This, she thought as her hands grasped at his jacket like he was the last life vest on a sinking ship, this would lead to Trouble.

Serena wasn't one to back away from danger.


Whew! A kiss! Finally a kiss!

What in the world is Colton going to do now? We'll find out next week!

Until then, have a splendid weekend. If you have an idea for a story you'd like me to write, leave it in the comments! I've challenged myself to write a short story each week this year and can always use some inspiration.

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