Happy Book Birthday to Fatal Assassin!

This past week I got hit by a wicked cold. And it was Thanksgiving yesterday, something they don't celebrate in the UK. That meant I was subjected to seeing all my friends' fabulous feasts on Facebook. Wow, I'm feeling a bit alliterative today!

Between the schnurgles and drooling over pics of turkey with all the fixin's, I had a book release this week!

FATAL ASSASSIN is live and out in the world! Happy book birthday to Cian and Nikala and all the characters in the Fatal Fae series.

This weekend, when I'm feeling more human, David and I are going to make a little holiday feast for ourselves and Lady Dazzleton. I'll raise a toast to all of my family and friends, near and far. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! If you're chasing deals this Black Friday, please consider books for all of your family and friends. They make excellent gifts.

Love and sparkles,

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