Fae Cursed

Fae Cursed

Be careful what you dream of...

Hell hath no fury like a fae cursed.

Fae princess Ishnara wasn’t raised to rule, but when her brother is killed she becomes heir to the Unseelie throne.

When her father’s illness becomes dire, she turns to the elves for help. Their renowned library provides more mysteries than cures and soon Ishnara is swept up in a dangerous game of deception.

Rejected by one prince and cruelly seduced by the other, Ishnara must guard her heart before losing more than her throne.

The stone palace hides more than ancient elven secrets, including a threat that will affect Faerie for generations.

Faced with her own demons, if Ishnara doesn’t find true love, her home world is lost.

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About the Book
Series: Standalone Books In the World of Faerie and Elvenwood
Genres: Fairy Tale Retelling, Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery
Tags: Elves, Faerie, Fantasy, Magic, Sexual Awakening, Sword and Sorcery
Publisher: Teacup Dragon Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
eBook Price: 2.99
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