Tam Profile Pic 2I’m so glad you’re here! Now we can hang out and get to know each other.

I write books about kickass heroines and the rogues who steal their hearts. Whether that’s fantasy, suspense, or even something a little spicier, you’ll always find love, adventure, and sexy guys in my novels.

When I’m not tormenting my characters with fiendish villains or finding new ways to get them into sexy trouble, I like to hang out with my own prince charming. Having two kids who are (mostly) grown leaves me lots of time to tempt my friends into zany adventures. Usually that involves tea, sometimes travel. But always a wild time. Wigs optional.

Step into the parlor, have some tea, and take your time exploring. Be sure to say hello to my resident dragon, Lady Dazzleton. She keeps an eye on the place when I’m not available.

Thanks for stopping in, chat with you soon!

Tameri Etherton