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SONG OF THE SWORDS Books 0-3: An Epic Fantasy Box Set

SONG OF THE SWORDS Books 0-3: An Epic Fantasy Box Set

Four books and over 1900+ pages of sword and sorcery, action and adventure, plus heart racing romance fill this epic fantasy boxed set.

If her family doesn't kill her, a mad god might.

Thousands of seasons ago, the dark god Kaldaar was banished from Aelinae by those he called family. Now, the bonds of his exile are breaking.

Many prophecies tell of a child born of both Light and Dark, an anomaly that will save Aelinae from the darkness that will surely come with Kaldaar’s return. There are many more prophecies that say this child will destroy Aelinae. They’re both right.

Everything Taryn knew was a lie. Her life, her career, hell, even her family—none of it true. The moment she steps into a swirling portal that takes her from her comfortable life in London to an unnatural, yet familiar, cavern, all the deceptions told to protect her are exposed.

She’s not an orphan raised by her grandfather. Her parents are not only alive, they’re powerful rulers who want to use her for their own misdeeds.

But Taryn isn’t as weak as they’d hoped, nor is she as vile as they’d like.

As for being an only child? Rubbish. Taryn’s siblings will manipulate and deceive to get their grubby hands on her immense power. It’ll take more than cunning to break Taryn, a fact they know far too well.

Exiled from his kingdom for an oath he made as a young boy, Rhoane spent many seasons waiting for Taryn’s return. Despite himself, there’s something about Taryn that softens the hard edges of his rage. She’s his fated mate as prophesied by his goddess. The one who caused his exile. The one he’ll die protecting.

Kaldaar is returning and he has a plan. One by one, he’ll destroy those who banished him to the edge of nothingness, and he’ll use Taryn to do it, even—especially—if it means she’ll die a horrific, prolonged death.

Gifted with two enchanted swords, Taryn and Rhoane must learn to trust themselves and each other if Aelinae is to be saved.

Hidden magic, a secret identity, and a mysterious assassin are just the beginning of Taryn’s tale. With nearly 2000 pages of adventure, betrayal, friendship, romance (with steam), mad gods, and wicked villains you’ll love to hate, the first four books in the Song of the Swords epic fantasy series will keep you turning the pages.

New fans and old will dive into this fast-paced ebook bundle containing the first three books of the Song of the Swords series: The Stones of Resurrection, The Temple of Sacrifice, The Ruins of Betrayal, plus a full-length prequel that tells Rhoane's story before Taryn arrives on Aelinae The Prince of Dragons.

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