Welcome to the Aetherverse!

You're going to be hearing more about the Aetherverse in time, but I thought I'd share a little of what the Aetherverse is, and is not, here.
First, what the heck is an Aetherverse?
The Aetherverse is a connection between characters and books through portals in the fantasy realms I create.
An example:
Taryn from the Song of the Swords series makes appearances in Fatal Illusion, Dragon Mage, and Fatal Legacy.
Danteneux and Cassia from Dragon Mage will be interacting with characters from Faerie.
It's a fun way to connect your favorite characters in the stories.
I hope you enjoy finding all the hidden gems!

In the works!

2020 Projects!
Fatal Legacy
The Veils of Deception
Fatal Forever
The Keeper of Stars
Fatal Academy