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Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman


I’ll admit, I was nervous going into this movie ~ you know what they say about expectations: if they’re too high you’re sure to be disappointed.

They were and I wasn’t.

There are so many things I love about this movie and only a few things I didn’t love so much. We’ll start with the love…

The costumes! Okay, so Snow White and the Huntsman have to wear the same clothes for most of the movie and yes, they are dirty, but that didn’t bother me. Well, a little bit. I did wonder why the Queen would let Snow White wear leather pants AND a dress. She was imprisoned, why wasn’t she wearing a sack or something?

The Evil Queen lucked out in the costume department. She got all the great dresses and those crowns! Nothing light and airy here ~ everything she put on her head was heavy and spiky, which made me worry that she might poke an eye out.


Charlize Theron rocked her role as the Evil Queen. She was sweet and innocent one minute, then freaky crazy the next. Like in this picture. The make up/special effects people did an amazing job of making her look young then old. I’ll admit, it was a little creepy how she managed to stay young, but I guess a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to keep wrinkle free. (No spoilers here, you have to see the movie to know what I’m talking about)

The cinematography was gorgeous. I love long sweeping shots that show the landscape and this film delivered. Even the little details captivated me. From the grungy village streets to the magical faerie forest, I was completely drawn into Snow White’s world.

Speaking of Snow White, I found it curious that no one actually calls her by name. They refer to her as the king’s daughter, the girl, or Princess, but I don’t think anyone actually said, ‘Snow White’. Hmmm…

What else did I love? The characters. From the creepy brother of the Queen to the dwarves. I even found a new crush in the form of William, the Duke’s son and Prince Charming type guy. I had to put this picture of him here so you can see how cute he is when he doesn’t have his grumpy warrior face on. He’s played by the adorable Sam Claflin. I need to find out more on this guy, then I’ll have him featured on the blog.

I loved that they kept all the elements of the fairy tale and made them more badass. Snow White gets to kick some Evil Queen butt! I even liked Kristen Stewart in the movie. I wasn’t sure I would, but she smiles, she shows emotion, she captured my heart. No pun intended.

I loved that when it came time for True Love’s Kiss it was played out so only the audience knew that the kiss woke her up. Ah, her True Love… yes, I am smitten…

Which brings me to this: *SPOILER ALERT* If you don’t want to know how it ends, don’t read this part.

The only thing about the movie I wish was made a little more clear is the ending. Yes, we get a glimpse that Snow White will end up with her True Love, but I wanted the big payoff at the end. Hearts and flowers, fireworks!

Instead, we got an ambiguous ending that left me wanting more.

I get it. The director probably wanted to show that Snow White didn’t need a man to complete her, that she could rock that throne all on her own. Great. That totally works for me since I’m all about Girl Power and totally kickass heroines. But give me a kiss for heaven’s sake! Just one passionate kiss to let me  know that her True Love will be okay. I need his Happily Ever After just as much as I need hers!

**Okay, you can read again!**

In all, if someone asked me to go see this again, I’d go in a heartbeat. I’ll be buying the movie on Blu-Ray the day it’s released and I cannot wait until that day arrives. Yep, I loved this movie that much.

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My sweet Chris. He wasn’t always dirty in the movie, but dang, that boy needed a bath big time for most of it!

If you’ve seen the movie, I’d love to know what you though of it! It’s made a bazillion dollars so far, so it looks like folks are loving it. I hope you do too.