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Crush of the Month ~ The Avengers


This month we’re crushing on the cast of The Avengers!

That’s right. Joss Whedon did us a favor when he brought all these beautiful people together in one action-packed super hero extravaganza. Since I can’t pick just one, we’re going to crush on all of them.

Starting with Robert Downey Jr. This bad boy turned super hero first grabbed our hearts in Less Than Zero. That last scene of him in the back of the convertible? Still gets me. If you’ve never seen the movie – rent it. It’s 80’s debauchery in all its glory. RDJ reprises his role of Tony Stark, that snarky, brilliant, billionaire with a heart of, what is his heart exactly? Cadmium? Chocolate? Well, whatever it is, it glows all the time and needs a jump start every now and then. But we still love him and his funky Iron Man costume.

Scarlett Johansson plays Black Widow and while I don’t know much about her character, I do know that outfit looks very uncomfortable. Extra badass points to her for wearing that thing. Being the only woman on the hero team must get tiresome. All those men and testosterone! Oh, wait… she gets to hang out with RDJ, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, okay never mind that. She probably had a blast being the only female in the group. Go Scarlett!

Speaking of my sweet Chris Hemsworth, you already know how much I adore him, so we’ll keep this brief. Ah, Chris. I mean Thor. I mean Chris. Thor swings a mean hammer, doesn’t he? I can’t help but wonder how they will resolve the dangling love interest thing they had going on at the end of Thor. I guess when you have a world to save love gets put on the back burner. Again.


Jeremy Renner is a relative unknown to us, but one to keep an eye on. He’s one of those quiet types that will sneak up on you. Always watch out for the quiet ones… and don’t forget he’s got a wicked crossbow.

Mark Ruffalo, while adorable and quirky, is an interesting choice for the Hulk. Perhaps he will bring a compassionate side to the green man. We’ll just have to wait until we see the movie to find out.

Next up we have the original Avenger, Chris Evans. I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly charmed with Chris in Captain America, so he’s still kind of ‘meh’ for me right now. We’ll see how awesome he does in Avengers. Who knows, he might grab our hearts and make it to Crush of the Month status.


And finally we have Tom Hiddleston as Loki. He makes such a delicious demented God, don’t you think? Then again, Loki is the God of Chaos. Tom’s another one we’ll be watching for future Crush of the Month worthiness. For today, we’re going to enjoy him being a badass God making trouble for our super heroes.

For those of you crying foul that I forgot Nick Fury, let me assure I did not forget Samuel Jackson. Since that fiasco on the plane with all those snakes, I just can’t crush on poor Sam. I really hate snakes. Sorry.

We’ll be seeing The Avengers tomorrow night, are you going to see it this weekend? Who is your favorite super hero? Is there a special someone you’d like to see featured in our Crush of the Month? Come, share with us!