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Crush of the Month ~ Charlize Theron


She’s gorgeous, she’s totally hot, she likes her hearts beating ~ with blood.

That’s right kids, today we’re crushing on the totally lovable Evil Queen from the new movie, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Besides the fact that Charlize has been in a bunch of movies that were critically acclaimed (even winning the Oscar for her role as a ‘monster’), this actress is an amazing humanitarian.

Born in South Africa in 1975, Charlize originally wanted to be a ballet dancer. A knee injury sidelined that goal, which spun her into a major depression. Because  her mom is so totally cool, she told Charlize to suck it up, to “figure out what to do next or you come home, because you can sulk in South Africa.”

Then her mom bought her a one-way ticket to Hollywood where Charlize was ‘discovered’ at a bank on Hollywood Blvd. Apparently the teller refused to cash a check and Charlize got a tad testy with her. A talent agent saw her and gave her his card. Unfortunately he only sent her script for trashy movies so Charlize fired him. Good call. At first she only got small parts on little known movies until she was cast in a supporting role in 2 Days in the Valley. After that, she landed a role in Devil’s Advocate and her career took off.

Even though she became a US Citizen in 2007, she retains her South African citizenship and was asked to be a UN Messenger of Peace in 2008. Charlize is vocal about her commitment to her home country, supporting the Africa Outreach Project and working with Tom’s Shoes. They partnered to create a vegan shoe made out of the African baobab tree, which is so utterly cool in and of itself, but what’s most awesome is together they gave 10,000 pair of shoes to destitute children.

As a little side note here ~ If you didn’t know this already, Tom’s Shoes has a program where, for every pair of shoes bought, they donate a pair to children in need. Tom’s are cute, comfy, and well worth the price. Especially since they give back! These aren’t Charlize’s shoes, they’re a pair I own and I love them! Pink glitter people. How can you go wrong? 😉

Along with her African Outreach Project, Charlize is a fierce supporter of Women’s Rights, Animal Rights, and Marriage Equality. She totally rocks!

Last season on Top Chef Charlize was one of the guest judges and the cheftestants had to make her a meal fit for an Evil Queen. She was up for trying anything the chefs made. I have to be honest, I would’ve run screaming from the table with some of the offerings. Not our fabulous Ms. Theron. She ate everything ~ even a heart. Eww.

Snow White and the Huntsman opens today and you know I’ll be seeing it this weekend. Not only for my sweet Chris Hemsworth (who was my Crush of the Month for March. You can read about him here), but for Charlize’s performance as the Evil Queen. She’s deliciously wicked.

Because I love my male readers, I’m adding this pic just for you. Okay, I admit, even us female readers can enjoy the beauty of Charlize’s body. Damn. Gold never looked so good!

Will you be seeing Snow White this weekend? Do you think Charlize used bronzer in this pic? Spray paint? What’s your favorite Charlize Theron movie? **I was just informed by my husband that she’s going to be in Prometheus, too. Since the trailers scare the wits out of me, I’ve sort of blocked this knowledge from my mind.

For those of you who missed my May Movie Madness post, here’s the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman.