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Fatal Legacy

Fatal Legacy

Who will rise? Who will die?

A madman hunts fae, a life falters beneath the glass.
Nikala’s world crumbled when Cian killed Malcolm and then disappeared through the doorway to Faerie. As she struggles to hold the reigns of Malcolm’s business, and of her heart, she begins to lose hope of ever seeing the mysterious fae again.
When his sister Rori arrives unexpectedly, she’ll be forced to feign indifference to save the girl’s life. But Rori MacNair isn’t a pushover and Nikala will have to make a hard choice that might destroy any chance of happiness she hoped to have with Cian.
As Cian lays dying from his injuries sustained in the human realm, Rori takes it upon herself to find out what happened, and why he isn’t healing. The man she thought could give her answers is dead, and in his place is a woman whose name Rori’s heard before—from her own brother.
She’ll have to work with the enemy to save Cian’s life. There’s just one problem—Nikala doesn’t want anything to do with her.
As hostilities rise, loyalties must be drawn, alliances made.
Will the fate of both worlds rest on the legacy of one?
Or will a shadow from the past emerge to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs?
Some legacies are better left forgotten.

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