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The Stones of Resurrection

The Stones of Resurrection

Enjoy this steamy chosen one series by USA Today Bestselling epic fantasy romance author Tameri Etherton...

Otherworldly portals. Mysterious powers. Evil hungrily awaits her return.Taryn’s simple life is all she’s ever known. Living above a busy London pub with her grandfather, they’re ripped from their reality and plunged into a strange world to jumpstart an ancient prophecy. And when he’s killed defending her from a vicious intruder’s magic, Taryn’s left nearly alone… and forced to trust a rugged savior.
Rhoane has one job. Sworn to protect the young woman who has returned to fulfill her destiny, the assassin dare not let his feelings get in the way of her training. But he knows the time will come when she accepts her power and recognizes he’s her fated mate.
As Taryn learns her life on Earth was a lie, she must unlock her hidden talents to save an entire world from destruction. And though Rhoane will show no mercy to anyone who stands in her way, he fears her biggest threat comes from the family she has never known.
Will the destined pair rise to stop the annihilation of a vast kingdom?
The Stones of Resurrection is the enthralling first book in the Song of the Swords fantasy series. If you like ensemble casts, intense action, and dark family sagas, then you’ll love Tameri Etherton‘s epic tale.

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Please note: This is an adult fantasy series with dark elements that may be triggering, including emotional and physical trauma, violence, adult language, and explicit romance. Read at your own discretion.

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About the Book

Never let gods determine your fate…

Some say she’s the one of prophecy,

that she’ll bring balance to the world.

Others say she’s the destroyer,

meant to bring an end to Aelinae.

They’re both right.

Everything Taryn knew was a lie. Her life on Earth, the man she thought was her grandfather, even her age, were all fabrications meant to protect her, to keep her hidden until she could return to her home world. Once on Aelinae, Taryn realizes she has more to fear than the creeping darkness that threatens to suffocate her.

Rhoane battled his demons and accepted his role in Aelinae’s future. Now, it’s up to him to honor his oath and protect Taryn, even if it means coming between her and her newfound family. He must find a way to gain her trust, and her love, or Aelinae will be lost.

On Aelinae they say there can be no Light without Dark and no darkness without light. 

As tensions mount and her loved ones are threatened, Taryn must confront an ancient enemy and stop a sinister plan to bring back a banished god.

If Taryn fails, there will be only Blackness. Absolute. Binding. Without end.

**Previously published as The Stones of Kaldaar***