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The Veils of Deception

The Veils of Deception

To return home, they’ll have to lose their way.

The devious god Kaldaar exiled the two people who could bring about his demise. Is he the only one who wishes to have Taryn and Rhoane removed permanently, or are other forces in play that would see Aelinae ruled by the Dark?

As Taryn and Rhoane navigate other worlds, they discover secrets that will help them defeat their enemies. Secrets Kaldaar is only too eager to steal for himself. It’s a race across galaxies far from home, all the while tracked by a shadow. With every new world comes fresh dangers, and renewed hope.

Zakael watched in horror as Kaldaar sealed the portal behind Taryn and now, he fears what the god will do to his home world. Kaldaar wears a familiar face, yet he is anything but a friend. When he threatens to consume the mad god Rykoto, Zakael must make a deadly choice.

The longer Taryn and Rhoane are away, the stronger Kaldaar becomes. With his brother Rykoto's power, he’ll be unstoppable. But the people of Aelinae won’t submit to his rule so easily. Taryn and Rhoane might be far from home, but their combined powers strike terror in a dark god’s heart. Will their Light be enough? Or will Taryn and Rhoane return to a world they no longer recognize? Cutting through the veils of deception can lead to answers… or oblivion.

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